Sexual conversations – TIP

The best way to trigger sexual attraction in a woman is to talk about sex with her.

Now, how do you do that?

You ask her questions.

They don’t need to be sexually related at first.

They do touch on feelings, emotions, passion and excitement.

For instance, you can say:

  • “I can see you are a girl who can get very passionate. I can’t tell exactly in what situations you feel the most thrilled, though… Give me a hint! When are the moments where you feel totally excited about life? Besides shopping… shopping does not count or it’s too obvious…”

What happens when a girl invokes what she feels excited about?

She actually brings these emotions in her and starts associating these emotions with you.


Because she is sharing them with you at that exact moment.

Now, you notice that in this question, the word sex was not even mentioned.

You suggest something vaster than that: emotions, thrill, and excitement, right?

Once she opens up, it is very easy to follow up with a more sexual question which sounds like:

  • “I hope I am not offending you if I ask this… Let me check… Yes, you look open minded 😉 It should be ok! I won’t end up with one of your high heels pinned across my chest – So, sex! – What about sex? – What type of sex do you like? – And don’t mention your ex – From today on he is off topic anyway…”

This is an example of a lively conversation that can grow in a very exciting connection with this girl.

You will see her getting more passionate about sharing her experiences.

When she does, simply keep her in track.

Make sure that you ad excitement by asking her follow up questions like:

· “And was this the first time you felt like that?”

· “How does your body react when a man does that?”

· “Did this emotion stay with you just for a minute or did you still feel it the following day?”

· Etc.

When you ask her follow up questions, you are saying: “Tell me more!”