Of course, her friends influence her!

Sometimes, the shadows you are exposed to don’t come from her.

Everything might be perfect in your relationship and just one chat with a toxic friends brings a whole wave of trouble between the two of you.

It can be her mother, brother, colleague, business partner or ex boyfriend.

It can come from her kids, a neighbor or some mentor or therapist she is seeing.

All these subtle influences can be completely neutral towards how she feels about you, or can as be highly toxic.

A good way to limit the impact of these toxic inputs is to communicate cleanly with her and increase your bond,  commitment and loyalty to each other.

If you see someone’s influence negatively shifting her choices and energy, you can calmly point it out and highlight the dynamics you perceive.

Do you recognize any of these dynamics in your relationship? 

What are the toxic influences? 

Are these toxic influences isolated examples or an ongoing flow of negativity? 

Who are the core players influencing her choices? 

If you notice trouble and toxicity creeping in, is it always coming from the same sources?