Sometimes, your partner might not say the words “I LOVE YOU” but instead express their live in other ways.

It can happen to both men and women.

Here, I take the example of a man not hearing these words from the woman he loves

  • IF IT’S YOUR TRUTH, VOICE IT – Don’t withdraw your “I love you” because she doesn’t say it back – Keep voicing or giving the way feels real to you – Play by your rules! Play by your truth.


  • WHAT WOULD THE MATURE MASCULINE DO? – I feel that the part of you that feels the need to hear those words might not be your highest expression – She voices her love to you in so many ways – The mature man in you is totally cool with her expressing her love in whatever way feels right to her.


  • SET HER FREE – Domestication tends to kill love, freedom and spontaneity – Let her be who she wants to be, and let her show her love to you in her own unique way


  • DO A SHADOW CHECK WITH HER – Sit down and create a safe space to voice what’s alive in both of you around it – No pressure, no demand, open sharing space where you really listen to each other.

This is what comes up!

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