Shift from fighting to constructive communication – ARTICLE

One of the main challenges with relationship fights is:

How to bring fights to a diplomatic ground?

If there is tension and the yelling gets loud, you simply want it to stop.

You want new skills to do that.

You want to shift the conflicting ground from fighting to dialogue and diplomacy.

This requires a new set of skills.

Dialogue means win-win.

It is simple. Dialogue means relationship synergy.

When you fight, you attack your partner or defend your territory. Someone wins. Someone looses. If you had enough of that model, you want to discover a new way of relating.

Empower your relationship!

This means developing new skills. It is okay to fight when you two choose for it. Fights can be healthy and constructive. However, when you two are victims of your own temper, it is time to find a new set of effective strategies.

What are they? They are a new mind set. It is a new relationship vehicle that you create.

This new relationship vehicle is dialogue. It is communication.