Shift priorities! – ARTICLE

This is probably the most important shift you need to make right now: your well being and balance are more important than any business or professional target!

You come first!

Your body, mind and wellness are your most important assets!

If you loose them, you loose the ground you live on!

This part is often forgotten in education.

You are taught to perform and invest your whole being.

No one ever tells you to be selfish and think of yourself first.

However, this is your number one priority right now.

This is where you can make a massive change and get rid of any burnout pattern forever.

The forces which bring you to exhaust your resources are self destructive.

It is a lie to believe that you are helping anyone or anything by pushing yourself down this road.

The reason you go that way is because you conditioned yourself to believe that this is what gives you validation and rewards.

No way!

There is a limit and if you cross it, you break your number one survival rule:

You lack respect for yourself!