Show yourself as a team player rather than an individualist – TIP

An organization is a big team!

The reason why a team wins is because individuals collaborate more than they compete.

Of course, there is a fine edge and you must not put down all your weapons.

They must see that you know how to strategize and communicate exactly what you want in an effective way.

The individuality in you never goes away!

But they must see as well that you know how to be a team player when you have to.

How do you show that?

Give them live examples of positive experiences you already had or the type of things you like when functioning in a team:

  • “We had worked on this project for two weeks now and really liked what we got so far. Working together as a team was an excellent experience for both of us. I really enjoyed it…”
  • “We didn’t know each other too well but working on this together reinforced out team spirit. It gave us a new competitive edge…”
  • “I really enjoy working with others…”
  • Etc.