So, where do you start with guys? – ARTICLE

It is actually very simple!

Separation is boring.

What makes you feel really good is exchange of life force in any way.

Walls make people very unhappy and if you have the power to break walls with your smile, then you give yourself and any one else a very, very, big HUG!!! When doing so.

Enough separation! Enough divisions!

It is time to reconnect and rediscover the fun behind relating with the opposite sex.

No more psycho-relationship dramas.

This time is over for you!

(I took this decision a long time ago)

Now, there is no way back for you either.

This is about rediscovering the dignity and the pleasure of exchange.

Flirting is a way of recognizing someone else’s gift. I know… A bit cliché, but it is the truth!

When you smile, you simply put down your weapons and say something like: “let’s be friends”

No guy can resist a kind invitation.

Right now, you are training yourself to reach men!

You train yourself to develop a direct tool to dig in their minds and plant a very special seed in their mind.

Save them! J