stick to your truth

The idea that your lover has to be a certain way for you to be alright is complete non sense!

What you want is a full flow of personal activated power in your field!

You want to stick to your truth, your energy, your center without being distracted by someone else’s pressure, demands or attacks!

This is the real test!

This is where you are heading to!

Trying to live by endless microboundaries imposed on you is totally draining!

Stick to what is real to you instead!

Stick to your core!

Stick to your center!

Got it?

It takes solid energetic flexibility, presence and power to be exposed to a woman’s wrath and intense shadows without losing it!

And this is where the real test is.

When a woman is angry, you can try to influence her moods with some success.

The ultimate solution is to be in a place where you are able to not give a fuck!

I am serious!

The moment you can be completely unaffected by whatever she does is the moment you touch the deepest essence of your power.

You might still care of course.

You simply consciously decide not to ride her emotional roller-coaster.

You stay present like a rock!

In power!

Unaffected by the emotional storms thrown at your face.

She might criticize you, accuse you, judge you, blast you with endless anger.

You might deserve some of it.

That’s a possibility!

But no matter what you are human!

You might fuck it up!

You might make mistakes!

Yes! You are not perfect!

Yes! That’s being human!

Sometimes the only simple option is a clear exit!

That’s it!

Physical distance!

However, if you want to stick around the emotional storm that you call your girlfriend, if you feel there is still love, beauty, great sex or deep connection, the best option is deep presence and emotional power.

Stick to what is real and true to you!

This being unaffected is an emotional muscle that you train!

You train yourself to be non reactive.

Or you train yourself to channel the fire in creative ways.

This is not a mental exercise!

You don’t know if you succeed until you are exposed to her emotional storms again!

If you are in this expansive path with this female shadow trainer, you energetically signed up for it.

You might know the second you meet that you’re about to get your ass kicked big time!

You might feel it… “Fuck! I’m trouble!”

Your spirit knows that the fire balls she blasts you with are part of your evolution.

You might reach a point where you call off the emotional abuse and end this game.

If you are still in, it is because your spirit knows there is something more to learn and develop.

Your emotional flexibility is boosted by this experience!

You are expanded!

Stick to your truth!

Stick to your center!

Stick to your power!

It is time to win this challenge!