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Your couple needs to be a safe space! - When you or your partner come back home, the last thing you want is to start a fight! - However, that's often what happens - You might face irritation triggers that unleash a whole chain reaction of emotions.

Fights destroy your couple! - What you want is new communication tactics! - In just a minute you will be discovering specific ways to communicate effectively without building up tension - You will see that there are actually simple ways to share challenging feed back without triggering fights.

I have been coaching couples for more than 10 years now - What I share in this book is the nectar of what I learned in real life situations.

I know that these directs strategies have the power to save your relationship and bring back harmony!

Here are some samples...

How to solve unwanted fights in your relationship

Imagine you are a woman. You are in a relationship and you tend to fight a lot with your partner. You pick on each other about insignificant things and create tensions where you actually wanted to generate harmony.

You can see how fights are destroying the harmony of the relationship. It generates tensions and distance with your partner. It creates this emotional turmoil in you. You want to get rid of these fights but don't know how to do it.

I can imagine how unwanted irritation makes you feel.

I'll be direct, okay?

There is nothing wrong with you or your relationship. The reason you can't stop challenging your partner is because your own "nature" is creating this emotional reaction in you. It is a natural instinctual response.

What is this "fighting response"? It is the need to defend yourself or the territory of your relationship. It is related with a natural need to conquer or protect yourself.

In fact, in the case of unwanted aggressiveness, the impulsion to fight is a "left over" emotional pattern. It is an instinctual conditioning that you no longer need. Right now, it goes in circles making endless draining loops in yourself or your relationship. It consumes you and your partner.

Your goal is to master your aggressive instinct so that you are no longer a victim of it. You want to stop the emotional turmoil generated by it.

Your relationship could be happy and healthy but you still respond with excess of irritation and aggressiveness.

The space is free from real threats. Your partner has the potential to be loving and respectful. Still, a part of you wakes up this unwanted emotional response.

This is partly what this e-book is about:

Giving you the power to transmute unwanted aggressiveness and irritation into power and complicity.

When you fight, you are apart. What you want is to rebuild complicity.

This e-book gives you the tools and strategies to empower your emotional foundation and stop you from being irritated and aggressive.

It strengthens your power base.

I know it is hard to believe but there is a solution for what you face.

Your mind is made of mental and emotional patterns. Any emotion, laughter, joy, pleasure, sadness are all emotional patterns. They are the inner architectures of your mind.

You want to replace or transform the "fighting" emotional pattern into trust, power and complicity.

This is what this e-books is about.

It gives a new mind set which empowers your relationship rather than making it weaker.

It takes just an hour to read this e-book but what you will discover, you will remember it forever.

I guarantee you that you are about to discover powerful strategies to shift your mind and transmute fights into a stable and empowering binding force which will strengthen your relationship.

Take the step and you will be starting with it in just a minute

Get extra power and face any fights

You might have heard this before:

Fights are usually healthy for a relationship.

When you fight you express what you want. You constructively generate energy and fire and it is a chance to expand the territory of your relationship.

So, why can fights hurt you and your partner?

Fights hurt you because you resist the energy behind them. You try to suppress the fire which wants to come through.

Fights are good!!! They are the result of positive constructive forces in your life!

You might believe that because you fight with your partner, there is something wrong with you. There isn't!

In most situations, fights are perfectly fine and healthy. Fights comes from a positive desire to express yourself and your desires. They come from a desire to secure your relationship.

Fights are psychic battles. They are a battle for power. They are a "relationship environment" you want to master. They can burn you because they bring in extremely powerful energies. They can burn you because there is an inner conflict happening in you:

Something in you believes that fights are wrong. Something in you wants to suppress them or delete them, while another aspect of your instincts simply wakes them up as a conquering mechanism.

Imagine yourself trying to tame a wild mare. That's exactly what happens when your fighting power wakes up in you. It is an emotional instinctual response which burns you because it wants to break free and find its natural expression.

Fights are part of life. They are part of relationships. You can't run away from them.

What you can do is develop new skills to stand in them in a different way. You know how it feels to win, right? It is thrilling and exciting to break through.

Guys can be overpowering. Right now, you want to wake up your fighting power and give yourself a true kick to shift this dynamic.

You have psychic power. You have determination. You have power in you that you are not using.

Fighting power is a mind set. You realize that you don't have to make yourself smaller than you are.

The goal is simple master your fighting skills. This can mean anything: Winning a fight, getting your message through, creating win-wins, knowing how to let go, refrain from attacking him when you want to, defending yourself, etc.

Here are some key fighting strategies:

  • Love fights! Fights are healthy! They are an expression of your will power. Say what you want. Enjoy the challenges. Don't step back or be afraid.

  • Use your psychic power. A fight is an emotional battle. Your psychic power is your ability to channel your desires, wants, ambitions. These are powerful channels. Wake them up and use them. 100% instinctual!

  • Scream and yell if you have to. Don't be afraid of what is behind your temper. Your voice is a powerful tool. Express what you want! Let it out!

  • Be firm and direct. Repeat your message until he gets it! No need to go in circles. Identify what you want say it.

  • You are a winner! Not a victim! Don't let anyone or anything put you down. Identify your target and hit it! You want respect and you will get it!!!

  • It's in your instincts! This is the top secret. This is where your energy lies. Nature gave you these fighting powers. They are in you. You know all the right moves!

  • Express, don't suppress! Move forward. Destroy resistance.

I know these are radical ideas and to tell you the truth, I love them. Extra power is what you need right now. Go and get it! A relationship is not an occasion to die and hide your desires.

It is your right to get what you want. Dare to stand for what you believe is true for you.

If you feel oppressed, attacked or challenged, defend yourself!

Now, these strategies are only a small sample of what you will discover in this e-book. The goal is always: master your fighting skills.

Effective strategies

You probably got it by now: This e-book is a battle strategy.

The goal is simple: make sure that you and your relationship wins.

I took 4 general strategy lines and you'll be able to use the right tools depending on your situations and what you want.

This e-book will be effective if you want to:

  1. Stop fighting. "It drives me crazy!"

  2. Win the fight!

  3. Get extra power and enjoy the fight

  4. Focus on win-win


Here are more exciting topics treated in this e-book:

  • What to do if you disagree.

  • How to create dialogue

  • Power dynamics in relationships

  • How to deal with the number one relationship killer

  • How to fight fair

  • How to get rid of tensions

  • Top strategies to create long term win-wins

  • Relationship synergy

And so much more...

On top of that, we analyzed a dozen key life situations which can wake up fights in your relationship and designed the best strategies to deal with them.

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