Suicidal thoughts – ARTICLE

Destruction is part of nature.

When you pick up a suicidal thought, you respond to the destructive power of nature.

You take a destructive wave inside and create a self destructive pattern.

A suicidal thought is an attack on your life.

It is an attack on your mind which aims at one thing: Destroy your being.

Your life is your territory.

You have the power to defend yourself.

You have a survival drive in you.

The way to destroy a suicidal thought is to use your will power and connect with your survival drive.

When you have a suicidal thought, your mind interprets an external pressure and turns it into a self destructive pattern.

You see, it is a battle of forces.

It is battle for power.

Others or external forces tell you what to do, bully you or humiliate you.

You take their attack inside and turn it into a self destructive pattern.

The moment you do, you work for them.

You become a tool in their hands.

In fact you loose the battle by giving up your territory.

The truth is that your mind is yours!

Your life is yours!

No one can take it away from you.

It is your basic human right to be master of it.

It is your right to defend your territory and fight back.

Use your fighting instinct!

Defend your territory!

You are the master of your life.

You are the master of your mind.

Use your survival drive and do whatever it takes to stay alive!

Kick the suicidal thought out of your mind.

No one can manipulate your life.

Fight back!

Kick back!

Do whatever it takes to defend your territory.