Sunfired way – raw food – NOTE

Sunfired way – raw food

– feasting, fasting, healing system
– aris latham
– sorrel – flower – to add to juices (smoothies)
– soak nuts 12 hours! Some enzyme inhibitors are resistant even after many hours in water
– the goal of fermenting is to increase the enzymic activity
– we produce B12 in our small intestine only if you have a clean intestinal system – you need to be a live foods eater to synthesise B12
– you are supposed to be a nervous system shut if you have B12 deficiency – this means that you should be a nervous wreck if you have B12 deficiency
– B12 leads to low energy too!
– all root vegetables are starch based
– kick back flavor – adding flavors to juicing left overs
– sunfired is a fusion cuisine – many origins…
– the more starch you eat the less fruit you can enjoy
– you need to detox – fasting
– headache = toxic irritation on the brain
– forget the starch – increase the protein intake
– jam = simply fruit and dates or other types of dried fruit
– new pie recipe – crust=same – fruit (banana, etc) = middle layer – jam=top layer + ad more layers new fruit layers (mango) + jam again
– dharma healing international – ko samui – Thailand
– vilcabamba – equador 30 miles from Peruvian border – sacred valley – valley of longgevity – check it out! Near Loja –