Synergize your couple – ARTICLE

Are you familiar with the term synergy?

You might have heard it in a business context. Synergy is usually what you want to create in business meetings.

Synergy is the ability to come together on a common ground so that the force which is generated is greater than the sum of the individual’s energies involved.

Synergy is cooperation.

Synergy is “synchronized energy”.

You are in tune.

You are on the same wave length. This is the moment magic truly happens, and this is the goal of any dialogue with your partner.

Dialogue is not some form of boring one on one exchange. Actually, it is quite the opposite!

Dialogue is just one way of sharing life force. When you speak, you impact on the other person’s mind with your emotions and ideas. You establish a bridge.

This bridge creates space.

There are three will powers involved in this: You, your partner and the spirit of the relationship.

What is this spirit? It is the binding force, love, common vision, the plan, the spirit which brings you together.

Your relationship’s spirit is the energy which is “around” the two of you.