Synergy – ARTICLE

Spiritual synergy is the art of working with the forces which are around you. It is the art of connecting with a vaster flow of evolution and functioning in harmony with it.

Human evolution is a vast enterprise.

No one is isolated in it.

You are being watched by hierarchies of forces, intelligences and energies.

The condition for human and planetary evolution to go ahead is to be able to function together as a unit.

The planet is our home but we are not the only forces active in it.

Our physical and subtle senses only access part of the story.

Behind the veils of out consciousness much more is going on.

Human evolution is not a coincidence.

There are vast hierarchies of guiding forces supervising this evolution.

The fact that we don’t see them does not mean that they don’t exist.

The fact that you can’t see a radio wave does not mean that the wave is not there. You need an instrument to be able to perceive.

The world that you see with your physical eyes is only a small part of manifestation.

Consider it as the visible part of the iceberg.

The forces which truly sustain human life are beyond our understanding.

The closest we come to comprehend it is by describing them as “romanticized” angels with human like bodies.

In fact the totality of the planet is permeated by forces we can’t see.

Our instincts or intuition can be awake though.

You get feelings, impressions and with some practice you can actually develop a higher sense of awareness of what is actually pulling the strings on this planet.

Spiritual synergy is the art of working with all these forces.

You don’t need to see or perceive them all.

You simply can feel when you go against the “current” and actually hit “walls” of energy.

The final goal is to remove frictions and make sure that your life force can flow in the most constructive and effective way.

This is a perfect description of what happiness is about, right?

It is the art of removing obstacles in and around you so that the full potential can be expressed.

Spiritual synergy is as well the art of creating win-wins out of any situation.

We are in a place in human evolution where no one needs to loose.

You can create win-wins out of any situation.

This is synergy.

If you apply this to vaster evolutionary schemes, you can call it spiritual synergy.

It is simply the art of synchronizing your energy and purpose with the world around you.