Tantric skills – ARTICLE

Tantric skills are your life tools in the tantric field, attitudes, abilities, actions that create your daily life.

They include artistic expression, ability to relate to nature, to use your emotions and desires. They are as well your creative speech, you ability to relate directly and deeply to people.

If you take the definition even further, you can include: knowledge and understanding, life vision, “cosmic vision”.

When your tantric skills are developed you create an environment where life flows harmoniously. Tantric skills have to do with the ability to connect to inner sources of inspiration.

You create a feast from life, a celebration, a party! It’s fun! You are able to create the tantric “temple”, a tantric space in your life, around you. Tantric skills include as well singing, use of mantras as well as body expression, dance, mudras. You always reveal those forms in a joyous, playful, flowing way.

Life’s beauty is another essential quality in your approach. Developing tantric skills is drinking from the nectars of life! Those skills are not distant goals you want to reach, they are not some complicated forms you have to integrate, they are simple and direct as smelling a flower or biting in a fresh fruit.

Tantra is the creation of beauty and refinement in your direct environment. Tantric skills are life skills.

A tantric skill is the ability to perform a simple usual action and giving it a tantric meaning, increasing its life force, life power.

The natural refinement of existence is stimulated. Vitality transmutes your body. Pleasure follows, delight, sensuality, perception of life force is enhanced. Tantric skills are free expressions. They are freeing, never limiting.

Don’t limit yourself to specific forms. Instead, recreate yourself spontaneously. Your intuition is your driving force. Your emotions, your desires are your fire source. Keep in mind the long term vision for the planetary and human evolution. This vision has not so much to do with specific forms. It is rather a flowing stream of inspiration.

When you act within that stream, everything simply feels right. Resistances vanish. You feel united and in full harmony with what surrounds you, with the planet and the cosmos.

You act, behave and live as part of the vast planetary and cosmic reality. Your actions are in total attunement with that vision. It’s frictionless! It flows! This is where you get your “support”, your life inspiration. It is from being part of this vast planetary energy. It is a network of energies that sustains your tantric actions. Tantric skills are an empowerment! They are the tools that expand your inner freedom. They are the life lines that sustain your mind, your body, and energize your being and your spirit.

Enjoy with delight the fruits of your life. Drink from the pleasure nectars, the very source of life.