The target is simple.

Record 50 x 5 min videos in one week.

We could have much more footage but it could come to that after editing.

5 min is just an indication, I usually post clips which are 1-10 min

The main topic is vital force.

Other topics include conscious communication, conscious touch, nutrition ideas, stay fit ideas, raw foods, dating for men and for women, intimacy and much more.

The goal is to record videos in the morning and process and edit them in the afternoon.

The style for the videos will be raw and spontaneous.

It is a little like reality TV.

At this stage there is no intention to commercialize the videos.

The goal is simply to make them available in free acceSs on social networks like YouTube.

Once the videos are posted they will stay online for the years to come.

This is a gift that we make for planetary evolution.

The focus of the content is Vital Tantra.

I already have hundreds of techniques and the target is to focus on these techniques first.

My goal is to document and transmit a system of practices that already exists but hasn’t been clearly documented yet.

Of course it will be co-creation but the vision for the content is already very clear.