Targeted and non targeted traffic – TIP

Targeted traffic is 5 to 100 times more precious than non targeted traffic.

Online, you have cheap ways to buy traffic.

You can buy 5000 visitors for $50

Yes! Some sites sell traffic!

Now, this traffic will be of such poor quality that you will get 0 conversions and simply lose your money!

It would be too long to go into it but some sites pay people to surf!

They say: if you visit 10000 sites, we’ll give you $10.

This is the type of traffic you get on your site when you buy that type of very cheap traffic.

What is even worse is that when you check your log files for your site, you’ll notice that 90% of that traffic came from China for instance.

100% of that traffic had absolutely no buying intention!

Yes, it is traffic!

Does it have any value to you?

Absolutely not!

So, what is the best traffic you can get?

The top sources are:

  • Visitors who have been referred to your site by a reliable source they do trust.
  • Visitors who made a search and found your site in the search results.

If people land on your site when they are not searching for anything special, this is what we call non targeted traffic.

It will result in the lowest conversion rate.

Visitors who are referred to your site by a reliable source are top quality traffic because they are already pre sold by another source.

It means that they will buy much more easily.

If you are global, another key tempting idea is to advertise your services or products in India or China for instance.

I tried!

The results where very poor!

There is a whole lot of hype about the buying power in these countries.

Unfortunately, the reality is very disconcerting!

If you advertise your global products in these areas, your conversion rate will probably be 100 times lower than if you advertise in the US or UK for instance.

The math is easy, right?

Don’t spend your advertising budget on that type of very poor traffic!

You will get broke in no time!