Teasing starters


So littleandxgirl, I mean litxand.., lit, I believe you made a couple of spelling mistakes in your name.

Did you? Can’t be sure I’ll date someone who can’t spell her name.

Is this some form of native name?

  • So, what? It’s kind of a smart ass answer to complex… not funny

Are you always that grumpy. I do love grumpy girls and just want to make sure that if one day we meet. You’ll be exactly like on the picture. Can you offer a guarantee?

  • Better. The guarantee thing is boring at the end. Find another way of ending it.

Anti drama? I don’t think that’s fair. What’s wrong with people trying to make a living with acting?

  • Excellent!

5 favourite TV shows?!!! If I manage to unglue you from the TV screen, maybe you’ll cook some dinner for me? Is Saturday night okay with you?

  • Good directive

A true person? You mean someone who is actually alive and human, not just a dog or a frog?

  • She might laugh but then what?

Married at 19? 2 years old son? Do you always marry a guy you just met? What were you thinking?

  • Teasing on a sensitive topic. Not good

So, you are a nurse interested in the supernatural. Makes total sense! I am so happy I found you!

  • Cool, you need now to come with a plan or a question

Okay Sol, Anyone who is a bit brownish can say they are from tropical or ethnic descent. You find anything nowadays in make up shops and I am definite that your skin colour is either fake or due to some form of vitamin supplement. It’s obvious to me that you are in fact Caucasian from Russian descent… That’s just me. Can say whatever you want. You won’t convince me

  • Excellent – teasing on skin colour and making fun of it. A bit long though…

Whoa! Dayum! Hottie! You’ve got the longest list of “must not” so far! What about something positive? I tried to get between the big huge body guards at the entrance of your profile but got kicked back.

I tried to remove my picture before sending you this mail (to annoy you even more) but I was too busy selecting the weirdest location on earth for our first date.

  • No! No! No! these THOUGHT images do not work! Shift for another style. The beginning is great
  • Too long – too trying to be smart and sticking to the exact scenario she designed. You are abusing a cool strategy and overusing it in just one email.

You’re cute but pretty angry. Say cheese! Ok! That’s better. Do you have an MP3 recording of your laugh?

  • What the ***??? Good until the say cheese! After that’s it’s downhill

Love, laugh, fun and more fun and laugh!!! What’s wrong with you? Your profile is a total offence against those who are depressed and take their daily doses of valium to stay on alive. If YOU are so happy always, how come you look depressed first picture from the right… Yeah! THAT one!!!! Gotcha! Yes! The wrinkle or rinkel, how d’you write this?

  • Shorter is best. One line and then nothing. It has greater impact