Testosterone, please! – ARTICLE

Sure! Hormonal changes are part of the story.

As your body and mind grow, the natural testosterone needs decrease progressively.

It is a natural aspect of your evolution.

Looking for new challenges is the way you respond to this situation.

You might feel a light power or purpose gap on the hormonal side and your natural reaction is to wake up energy and thrill by setting up new goals.

Good on you! Way to go!

It works!

When you challenge yourself and set up new life targets, you feel your life being renewed and empowered instantly.

You shift your mind set and stop looking at this from a clinical perspective.

Does this mean that you must not look for help from a therapist if you feel depressed?

Not at all!

It is your choice and everything is available.

If the “clinical” or “healing” approach is not for you, you can definitely access a new way of looking at it.

Yes! I do encourage you to seek and access new challenges.

Wake up new resources inside and outside of you.

Make sure that neither you nor those who love you get physically hurt, but do respond to this inner call.

Responding to a challenge makes you feel alive!

It calls in you a whole new stream of life force which makes you feel awake, alive and empowered on the spot.

Responding to a challenge is not self medication! (term sometimes used in psychotherapy)

You respond to challenges and set up new thrilling life targets because you know that this is the way you feel alive.

Your level of testosterone might drop naturally.

Nothing to worry about!

Feel a light testosterone gap?

Get a kick through an adrenaline rush.

We won’t go into an organic discussion of what happens in your body.

I do believe though that your instincts do know many answers and part you knows where to find and how to manifest the qualities you are looking for in your life.

Your can effectively access new sources of inner power and energy and connect with profound instinctual resources which are the core of your being.

You heard that before: “It’s all in the mind!”

Of course the way you feel in your body has a definite impact on your life.

If you feel like you need a power kick, nothing wrong with aiming to some power building and getting your extra energy rush that way.

Taking the victim role is disempowering.

It does put you down!

The power ideas in this e-book are simply here to give you another alternative: you are a winner!

Yes! It is thrilling to wake up your conquering power!

Yes! Waking up some new life targets is exciting and will probably give you exactly what you need!