The difference between power and abuse of power – ARTICLE

When searching for the definition of power, I was surprised to come across wikipeda’s page. Why? because there is a great difference between the essence of power and what you do with it.

Using power to control others is only one interpretation of power and it is an abuse of power. When taken one step further, this can lead to coercion which is domination by creating fear.

Power and abuse of power are two very different things! You can have power without abusing it. Throughout history, power has been associated with political leaders, armies and oppression.

This is why, nobody says “I love power”. They would be labeled as some form of political freak trying to own a land and its people. Huge misunderstanding here.

Power has many forms and political abuse of power is only one of them. The idea that power corrupts is simply wrong! It is not true! Power does not corrupt. You can grow in power and wisdom at the same time. You can develop an inner sense of ethics and profound respect for life and never even be tempted to abuse your power.

Personal power is associated with personal growth. You can use your power to create, preserve, control what is yours without ever going into any form of abuse or oppression.

Power is an energy you can master. You can develop the skills to use it effectively. It is an energy source and the way you channel it in your existence will be directed by your skills and goals.

Power is like fire. You can use to create, renew, destroy what you no longer need. The moment you befriend with that energy you multiply your chances of life satisfaction.

The idea is not to start a polemic about this topic; it is to offer alternatives to common beliefs about power. This is a coaching website which is focused on human empowerment.

I give naturally much more weight and importance to the idea of personal power. That’s the main area I focus on within these pages.

Many people will reject the idea of power simply because they are afraid of it or don’t know how to use it. Power is like fire. It is an incredible source of energy which can be used to reach your goals.

Gaining power goes together with gaining the skills to use it effectively.