The fire of your excitement for life is what drives you

The fire of your excitement for life is what drives you, it’s is a wild wind of passion which want you to scream with radiant happiness to the world where you are and where you live.

You expand with pleasure in this magic feeling. It is an ecstatic joy which fills you from within and lets you ride these waves of pleasure. It’s the pleasure of the senses, the pleasure of delight which contains in it all the answers to your desires.

You are extremely powerful and vibrant and the sun shines with passion in your being.

Don’t be afraid to open up to that radiance because it is in that space that life expresses itself, flowing with delight through your veins like an invincible stream of life force.

Nothing can stop that flow. Nothing can stop this force from radiating in your life with the desires of feeling more and more awake and alive. Your passion is an infinite force which allows you to sing daily with magic and powerful delight.

Let yourself be carried by this energy which drives you to the very best of who you are and sings with your being in streams of delight.