The need for space and freedom – ARTICLE

Today’s modern spiritual trend is no longer about religion.

There is a big difference between religion and spirituality.

Religion is a human system. It is an organized structure of people and beliefs.

These religious streams are still existing and millions of people feel fullfilled by it.

This is fine. It is good.

At the same time a new trend is emerging.

Modern spirituality breaks barriers. It goes beyond the limits of beliefs and systems and creates a sense of universal connection no matter where you are or what you do.

This is different than religion because there is no organized system. There is no human organization having control over it. It is not directed by a single leader or prophet. It’s not limited to a system of practices or directions.

Basically it breaks the limits of duality and dissolves the concepts of right and wrong. It accepts all dimensions of the human being and perceives the purpose of everything.

Even when I write about it, I am already giving it my own flavor and interpretation.

I see a picture through the filter of my own mind.

It is always like that. Ideas area always a simplified model of reality.

Reality is much more complex and absolute than that of course.

There are realities and impressions that the mind and ideas can’t summarize or fully express.

The experience of a reality is greater than the words or ideas which try to express it.

There is as well a sense of global community emerging.

I like what I see. I like this sense of unification and connection.

Do share your ideas. Do connect