The opening is clear – Don't hesitate

The opening is clear. You should not hesitate in taking the direction which is being offered to you. There is an opening, a real stream which can guarantee you a positive uplifting future.

You take your life in your hands with delight. All fear is dissolved. You realize suddenly the power which is in you hands. It is magic! It is powerful and expands in a vibrant stream of action and desire.

This force which you feel inside yourself, this desire to just be and live fully is in perfect alignment with your values and your inner integrity.

You let go of any limitation and open to a bright future, an exciting power and desire which rises within you.

You have the power to be!

The power to break through any obstacle and gain satisfaction and inner strength.

You feel this inner peace inside, this perfect state of mind which flows like a life stream in your being.

You are one with the cosmos, with life in and around you. You radiate this message with delight. Your being is united with the infinite power of the inner radiant life