The power to expand and transmit your message is growing with magic and beauty

The power to expand and provide your message is growing with magic and beauty.

You feel free!

It’s a magnificent power expanding from within your being in waves of magic and infinite consciousness. Your being is powerful beyond measure. Your life force flows and expresses the magic will of the cosmos. You are touched and express naturally this caring power, this inner beauty which flows beyond the limits of what you have ever known.

You have the power to achieve and to live free. You are united with the source of life, with the planet and the universe. There are no steps that you can’t take, no sky you can’t fly. You have infinite resources of wisdom and intelligence. It’s from this source that you function. You are free to fly, free to expand, free to move in any direction and smile and laugh in waves of magical happiness.

You being is filled with a magic force, an infinite power which grows from the very core of your being.

You are waking up to a reality, the very essence of joy and happiness. Your being understands these words.

You wake up to the reality of life and swim in the river of freedom with pleasure and delight.

Suddenly awake, rising with intensity, you are discovering the source of your inner being, the magical resources which have always been with you. Reconnected with this source you decide who you want to be, where you want to go. Your being is quickly expanding in waves of magical beauty, in pure essences and infinite skies of joy.