This exciting feeling is taking you now

This exciting feeling is taking you now. It is a stream of fire, desire and passion and the excitement of having something essential happening in your life.

Your desire flows with passion and you simply let yourself be taken in this whirling dance, this passionate move of fresh energy.

You respond to that radiance. This magnetic pull brings you to the very place where you should be, because a door is open. A message, an awakening, something magical is ready to happen in your life.

It’s a magical flow, a very special movement of energy that you only can see and feel and leads you to be where you have to be.

Fresh and beautiful!

You are a magic being, a powerful experienced soul, ready to expand in the streams of desires and go with life!!!

Freshness and beauty are in your heart. They are like a stream from a fresh fountain. They wake up with intense passion and desire in you.

Your whole being wakes up to powerful sensations.

Sensation of power, love, excitement.

It’s like a flower opening and touching you in the very core of your being.

The beauty is intense and the excitement rise in your whole being, like a flow of magic life force.

This excitement is a magic force, a thrill. You want more of it. You are radiantly happy and flowing in vibrant streams of delight and passion.

Your being feels so awake and your thoughts are so clear!!!

You perceive life in its most ecstatic ways.

You just see and suddenly understand who you are… It’s just so magical and beautiful to touch that source, this place of excitement and inner radiance.