This flow wakes up like a powerful stream

This flow wakes up like a powerful stream, force of intensity, delighting power which is the essence of your being.

I believe that deep inside yourself, you want to scream.

You want to empower your life and your being and flow with intensity and passion toward the direction you are going.

I belive you have the power to express passion, to flow with intensity in that streaming river of joy!!!

Nothing can stop you. Nobody can hold you back because when you wake up in the morning, all you want is scream with passion to the world.

You want the intensity of your being to be filled with a flow of life force which nothing can stop and this is all I can see in you.

Fire force, delight, your being is radiantly happy, shining with a stream of caring love for life that surrounds you.

You are a warrior as well.

This powerful stream conquering the rivers of your being.

In your psyche you have all the powers to be who you want to be!!!

Ther are no limits to your passionate flow and you have the natural ability to create harmony wherever you go.

A reflection of your magnetic attraction, your being is full of this delightful feeling, overwhelming power to simply be and radiate life with generosity!!!

I encourage you to move forward and just be yourself. Be that powerful radiance, this intense fire which nothing can stop!!!