As you might know I am about to take a 2 months journey to India and the Himalayas.

I will use this time to take a step back and strategize new future steps on vitalcoaching.com and my activity as a coach.

I want your ideas and feed back to take your prayers, wishes, profound needs with me so that I can reflect on them and manifest solutions for you.

So… Look at the following questions and send me your raw thoughts on any of these topics:

  • Right now, what are your most urgent needs and desires?
  • How would you like me to help you with that?
  • Do the products on the site or my coaching already respond to this need?
  • What should be added?
  • Does one on one phone coaching work for you or would you like to see me deliver my coaching in another way? What format? Ideas
  • What do you like about vitalcoaching.com?
  • What do you feel could be improved?
  • Do you have any advice, suggestion or feed back for me as a coach?
  • What do you feel would take my activity or my website to a whole new level?
  • Anything else? Feel free to share…

Simply hit the reply button (or email me at francisco@vitalcoaching.com) and be direct, please 😉 No need to sugar coat it, ok?

Thank you so much! I appreciate you!


PS: So that you know, I do implement many of the ideas that you share – Thanks to previous feed back I totally restructured and simplified navigation on the site, launched my podcasts some years ago, just finished publishing my ebook collection on kindle and much more… All that thanks to your input and suggestions. I say this so that you realize that YOUR opinion and YOUR needs REALLY do matter to me! Thanks again!