Timing! – TIP

This is another big untamed challenge MANY couples face.

Timing is key for great sex!

When she’s in a hurry because she has to attend a meeting, her mind is not available for sex.

She can’t focus on it and you might take it as a rejection.

There is a right time for sexual exchange and you need to sense her availability.

Frequently, a woman might reject a guy because the timing is not right.

She is tired.

She had a long day.

She has to wake up early.

She is worried about her finances.

Her mother is sick.

You have a long list of reasons that can disqualify sex in her mind.

Don’t take it personally!

If you do, she will react negatively and defend herself.

This is one key area where you must apply this skill: RESPECT!

Got that?

You might be amazed that even though she was not up for it one evening, she might be totally turned on the following morning because you gave her space!

Giving her space means she has time to warm up to the idea.

Listen to the signs!

Don’t ever get upset or force her into having sex when she does not want to.

Her reasons are valid!

In most cases, they have nothing to do with you!

Don’t take it personally!