Too high expectations – ARTICLE

Sometimes you commit an essential mistake: expecting too much.

There are certain aspects of life and existence you can’t control.

Your territory has limits.

Anything beyond that territory is out of reach.

An expectation is like a demand you put on destiny.

It is the desire to control the outcome and get a given result.

When you have high expectations, you invest yourself emotionally.

Desire is energy!

Suppose you go on a date with a woman.

You never met her before.

You chat a couple of times online and decide to meet.

You know close to nothing about this girl.

However, your mind is already galloping into wishes, desires, and potentials for the future.

You are building up expectations.

It is like a wild stallion getting out of control.

You invest yourself emotionally.

It is an emotional “bet”!

Suppose reality does not match your expectations.

For instance, she already has a boy friend.

Your “dream” collapses.

You can fall from high, right?

Why would you fall from high?

Because you expected too much.

You invested too much too soon.

Emotional fuel is a precious energy in you.

It is the energy of your desires.

When you invest yourself in a project, you can get back pleasure and satisfaction from it.

You get this pleasure back the moment you win or succeed.

However, if you don’t succeed, you crash.

The more you invested, the more you crash.

If you play the roulette, you can bet everything on one number.

It is a one time win or loose.

When you invest too much, that’s what you do.

Wisdom shows you another path: take smaller steps and invest less at a time.

If there is a positive response, invest more.

What is this? It is a battle strategy.

Your life is a territory.

Emotional fuel is a source of energy.

It is an essence which feeds your existence.

How to minimilize your risk?

Invest more on what you can control and less in what is out of your hands.