Top keys to safe flirting – ARTICLE

A key aspect of successful flirting has to do with protecting your space adequately.

I am sure that sometimes, you might have attracted the wrong guy or had a real space invader being slightly pushy.

In social situations, this can happen of course.

The goal is to make sure guys don’t cross the line.

Being a good flirt requires this extra kick of power and confidence.

You are the one who chooses and decides when you want to open up or not.

You are in control of it.

This is an essential aspect of having fun with flirting.

I know many women who do actually give up on flirting because they don’t know how to protect their space.

This e-book is not only about learning to connect with guys, it is as well about knowing how to give them a clear “I am not interested” signal when needed.

The best way to send such signal is to be firm and confident.

If you give him a “back off” signal, repeat the message until they get it.

Some guys sometimes misinterpret a “back off” signal as “playing hard to get”.

Make sure they get it by repeating the message a few times if they don’t get it straight away.

After that, eventually move to another spot if you have to.

You can as well ask a friend to back you up with this.

99% of people are respectful and would not cross the line.

If by any chance you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, dare to shift the mood instantly. You don’t have to be kind with someone who does not respect you.

You must be firm and direct.

No need to be offensive but make sure he gets the message.

No need to be rude either.

Say something like: “my date will be arriving shortly” or “Sorry! Married!” showing a fake wedding ring.

If he insists, follow up with: “Are you listening? I am not interested” and move to another spot if you have to.

Essential point: don’t let anyone ruin or upset your evening!

Go on and focus on connecting with guys you are attracted to.