Transition to new membership almost complete – MEMBERSHIP SITE

The transition is now at like 80% complete.

It works and conversions are back to normal.

Basically the signup process is very close to what it was before the transition.

  • No upsells
  • No challenging choices
  • No distracting links and info on the signup page
  • No price increase

It works!

Now, there are still aspects of these new tools I am testing now:

  • Use the newsletter/autoreseponder system? yes?no?
  • Affiliates – Another area of potentail that could be developped further – the system is in place but will wait some time until it is totally stable
  • Access everything package – perfect and optimize
  • What areas of the site?
  • Single products selling strategy – with Access everything or as individual products?
  • etc

There is more of course to perfect but many of these questions were already there before the transition…

To be followed