Truth? – ARTICLE

I’m not truly engaging myself in “definition discussions” about what is right or wrong, or what is the truth… I simply feel it is a waste of your time and your precious energy.

I engage into this exercise myself when I need to, but won’t try to convince anyone about my opinions or models.

They are partial no matter what.

I can use these models sometimes when someone needs them within the coaching context for instance.

It seems to give a mind frame to what we do together.

Instead of looking at truth like a static architecture made of words, I perceive truth as something which is beyond the human mind.

The human mind puts things in words. The human mind is a filter which interprets reality. No matter how evolved, our mind and sensory perceptions will only reveal a glimpse of that absolute reality.

Instead of looking for THE absolute truth I am actually quite happy to simply find some temporary concepts which help me along the line.

I believe that as you are reading these lines you might be thinking “maybe yes, maybe not…”, “I’m not sure I agree here…” , etc.

And you know what? It’s not just fine, it is great! Difference of opinions is what creates life’s diversity. It would be terrible if we were actually all thinking the same all the time. It would be the end of creation! I enjoy so much the rise of ideas, images, impressions which might be true today and gone tomorrow.

Manifestation is impermanent. What remains is formless, like an infinite potential of life force, raw energy ready to take temporary forms.

In this mind space, I feel totally free… for now…