Unleash your power

Unleash your power

Yes! Set it free!

Your power is an instinct. It is a force which exists in you and can be constricted by thousands of limiting thoughts forms.

It is called conditioning. It is permanent flow of doubts and limiting disbeliefs.

On the other hand, the natural stream of power can keep on flowing and create a mighty stream of life force.

You have the choice of what you want to feed. You can feed your limiting thoughts or you can empower your life in an endless stream of action and energy.

You have the power to tune into a wide set of energies. You can reflect them inside and give them space to grow and expand.

Power is a choice. Don’t listen when someone tells you power is a bad thing. It comes from a misunderstanding. It is the confusion between power and abuse of power.

Many people believe that power corrupts. This is why they stay away from it. They associate power with abuse of power. When they see the word “power”, it brings in negative images of armies, battle fields and fanatic dictators. This is very misleading.

Power has nothing to do with that. Power is an essence you can use for anything. It’s like atomic energy or the energy of the sun. It is a freeing force which leads to immense life satisfaction.

There is competition for power. Sports and business are all geared towards being the best. Politics is often a battle for power as well. This competition for power is again a natural instinct.

When someone is trying to stop you from gaining more power, they are simply expressing this competitive spirit. It’s like being on a 100 m sprint race and having next line’s runner trying to stop you.

In life, this happens all the time: it can be your next door neighbor who tells you to shut up. It can be your family, coworkers, friends. Some people simply don’t want you to grow!

On the other hand, those who feel confident about themselves and in a way “are already there” will have a reinforcing effect on your convictions and desires to gain more power.

Power is great! I love power!

Can you say it? can you write it down?

Take this simple test:

If right now I ask you: “how do you feel about power?” what would you say?

1. I love it! I want more

2. I am okay with it

3. I am afraid I will need to look at it

4. I don’t like power

5. I don’t want power. I will stay out of it

I guess the conclusion is obvious. If you answered anywhere from 2 to 4, this means you are luke warm about power.

To get more power, the first step is to open up to it. In fact become super conductive to power. If you don’t like power, power won’t like you back. It’s very simple: you can’t get more of it if you reject it in the first place.

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Clear your mind channels

Your mind is the key to your success. What drains energy is friction. Negative beliefs and doubts simply create thousands of invisible anchors which act like resistance when you try to take action.

On the other hand, if you are clear about your choices and simply empower yourself by clearing doubts and self limiting beliefs, you are in for an incredible life ride.

Unleash! Free! Liberate!

An action is supported by thoughts and beliefs. Before you take action you usually create a mind set which will support your moves. You build up skill and any sports person will tell you. It’s all in the mind. In fact it’s not true: It’s in the body as well. It is in the support structures and the sponsors. Now, if you take two competitors and give them the same tools, what will make a difference is their mind.

When you are in a race, you can be empowered by different forces.

The key to success is flow and maximum efficiency. This means removing resistances in the form of limiting emotions, thoughts and beliefs. What is the force which helps you do that? It is precisely power.

To “clean your mind”, you can use a force which is called renewal power. This is a natural instinct and it is there! It is already part of the game. Are you using it? How do you access it?


Inner doubts, your surrounding’s limiting beliefs are this “leash” we talk about. This is what keeps you from flying 100% free in life.

To unleash, your need to tap into a stronger source of power which removes resistances and sets you on a fresh action and energy stream.

It is like an oceanic current of power and energy which moves you forward. It is the thrill of connecting with an inner force which connects you with your destiny line.