Use a wing man or a wing woman

A wing can be anyone you hang out with!

In the pick up community, a wing is someone who is accomplice to your game!

It doesn’t have to go that far!

When you are with someone who is ok, you increase your value in the eyes of your potential targets.

If a woman sees you in isolation, she feels this isolation when she connects with you!

You can tackle that of course by being in power even when you are by yourself!

Many guys who show up by themselves look like victims!

They don’t show up with power and presence!

They look scared!

Yes! You can be by yourself and be in full presence and power!

And you don’t have to hide behind your cell phone to do that!

Back to wings and social power!

Don’t disqualify people!

Make them accomplices!

Even the fact that you show up with someone who doesn’t match you is an expression of leadership, power and presence!

It shows that you care and that even though your power is obvious, you still care for others!

That’s an an attraction builder that gives comfort to your sex targets!

It tells clearly that you are safe and own your leadership power!

It tells others that you can be with people of lower power and not feel drained by it!

It shows that you really own your power!

So a wing can be anyone!

Even someone who is not aware of your game at all!

It can be man or woman!

By using wings, you increase your power in any situation!

It gives you options, positions you as a key player in the social field!

Don’t let your wing polarize you though!

Go and connect with others!

Make it clear you want to socialize and encourage them to do the same!

If your wing is a girl who is attracted to you, make it clear that you’re a player and that your goal is to connect with others!

Tell them that you love sex! Casual encounters!

Ask her if she’s ok with that!

Have this conversation before you go out and challenge her to meet guys too!

Hook her up with someone you just met!

Tell her he’s into her!

Activate their connection by saying things like:

“Whaou! You’re made for each other!”

“This girl is fantastic! She’s tons of fun once you get her drunk!”

“I’ll give you some space to know each other, will be back in a sec!”