You know, a book can be sacred for a person, a tribe or tradition.

And even in that case, it can be used as a weapon.

You can have a holy book in one hand and a sword in the other forcing people to swallow your message.

The fact that there is love in a scripture doesn’t mean that it can’t be turned around and used to limit people in their freedom of expression.

If a person forces their sacred scriptures in your personal space, the fact that this book is sacred for them doesn’t make the invasion a lesser invasion of your freedom and privacy.

These distinctions are very subtle and in the middle of a religious or spiritual conflict, sacred scriptures will sometimes be used to justify the most incredible atrocities.

This is why people often feel threatened by religion and religious discourses.

It is because they know that a spiritual message sometimes degenerates into abusive, destructive or violent actions.

Keep that in mind!

Sacred scriptures can be weapons.