So it has been a few months of silence in this forum – After a few months of activity, I kind of naturally went underground with the activities at VITAL GATE – The good news is that it was a big success for a year – I posted a final update for what happened here.

Here is the link:

I documented a lot of what happened at VITAL GATE in my blog – 200+ posts and articles – I am organizing and editing the content right now but the link is here:

The reasons I post these insights and document everything I can is to keep track on what works and what doesn’t with building community.

These insights might be useful to anyone wanting to start something.

I honestly feel that after a year of experimenting, we successfully identified a set of VITAL GATE CODES which are the set of techniques, approaches, mind sets, guidelines, intentions and so on that make a place like this one stable, high energy and successful.

Of course, these VITAL GATE CODES are the reflection of who I am and if someone else was designing a community, there would be some variations.

For me, I do feel that if I was launching another ashram or spiritual center somewhere else, I would use most of what I discovered here during 2014.

I am still in Bali and by myself for the last 3 weeks, digesting a year of experiences and activating future plans.

I have 3 options for VITAL GATE right now: Let it go, go forward with same format, shift the format to launch a new experiment.

I am open to what the spirit has to offer and receptive more than ever to be in service to whatever is in deep alignment with planet and humankind needs.

In deep gratitude for having had the joy and presence to play with all of you who showed up!

Your presence has been a gift!

As for this group, last time I checked, I can’t change its name and the title for it is outdated of course as we move into 2015.

So, I will probably archive it or delete it soon.

Have fun everyone!

Stay tuned!

Love yah!