What are these insights?



Overall, it has been a big success.

I am satisfied at 80% with what happened.

The improvements have to do with fine tuning but the core aspects are all solid and in place.



We have been guided very precisely in this exploration. The forms that emerged were not really created by me.

I have been a channel directing and manifesting a plan that was deeply inspired on the inner levels.

This guidance was clear and precise most of the times.



Many of you showed up, trusted me with guidance, participated, contributed, played, engaged, transformed, inspired!

Your presence is a real nectar of what happened here!

The fact that we made it as a tribe and engaged in this exploration together is really one of the core essential successes of this year.



I started on this spiritual journey 25+ years ago, have been living in ashrams, temples and spiritual centers around the world, engaged in deep practices for years, have been professionally coaching for 12 years.

I have been trained to master energetics in me, stay healthy and high vibe, establish deep and respectful connections with my tribe and those I coach.

This experience has been priceless.

I feel I used every bit of my energy, emotional, mental and spiritual resources to sustain and inspire this place.

I almost feel that these years of spiritual and personal training were a preparation to do what just happened here.



This target was central throughout the whole experience.

How to simplify everything and make it as easy as possible for everyone.

It worked and it was fun and high energy most of the times.

I would say 80% success on that one.



Except in the beginning with some light messages on facebook, I didn’t launch promotional campaigns.

I totally stopped posting about it online many months ago.

Connections happened mainly through word of mouth and synchronicities.

You showed up through that spontaneous, magical flow.

I like that.



The intention was not commercial in the beginning but I had to change pricing structure and intention half way.

Once restructured, it became financially sound and possible to sustain this place on the long run without major effort.

I had way more expensive options for locations when starting VITAL GATE but decided to play with a space that was flexible that would not kill me or my residents financially.



Another massive success!

Having an organic farm just next door, delivering fresh organic vegetables and fruits was very powerful.

Opening coconuts every day!

Once this was in place, it only took an occasional trip to the supermarket or health food store to buy some extras.

It took me about 6 months to figure that out.

Now it works wonders and it is fun.

Eating mainly raw with no cooking in the house has been powerful and one of the many energy uplifting ingredients in this experience.

Removing the small stove and all cooking gear when I moved in has been such an uplifting experience.

I bought one blender and one food processor instead, some bowls and extra spoons and some small preparation gear and containers.

I bought a big cooler to store fruits because the fridge was not big enough.

I have been raw for close to 10 years but getting others to play with this was a big success.

We were still having evening meals in town so for most residents, that didn’t mean 100% raw diet, just more like 80%



Another big success!



We have all been strong and healthy. This is a lot due to our super healthy life style, raw food, activations, rest and green drinks.

For a whole year no one got really sick and we were usually quite high energetically.



Daily activations at 7 Mon-Fri has been another core energy building practice. It was sustained for this whole year.

Usually getting up at 6 or 6:30 and preparing so that everything is ready at 7 was very successful too.

It was easy to sustain but required some discipline especially after some late night events.

Taking a break from activations in the week end on Saturday and Sunday was a big success too. That gave our bodies and mind space to rest and shift gear.

I dropped the practice for a week at one point because of overlapping events or festivals in town.

And I might have missed 1 or 2 mornings because of being on trips.

My friends attended at 75% in the first 6 months this means that some people were totally committed to be there and some were showing up maybe 50% of the time.

In the second part of the year, attendance was at 95% with just one resident not really committed for a week or two.



In the beginning, I envisioned this space much more like a cocreation where my friends would come and we would set up sessions and structure together.

This quickly evolved to me taking care of all practical aspects like food, infrastructures, cleaning, etc.

I was still opening the session space for some cocreation.

This created some instability, sometimes power struggles and some confusion as well.

That idea radically shifted and VITAL GATE became exclusively dedicated to my teaching.

This means that I became the only one making decisions.

In simple, you have to accept me as your leader if you want to be part of VITAL GATE.

Occasionally, I opened session space to step in when they were here as guests. This happened a handful of times in the last 6 months.

The energy now is clearly the activation of VITAL TANTRA, VITAL COACHING and the other core spiritual streams that sponsor this place like ISISA and METATRONA.

Right now, that’s the best format, the one that really worked and uplifted the place the most.



VITAL GATE IS an effective channel or portal of energy to manifest new codes for the planet and humankind.

That’s the idea and essence of ISISA.

I feel as well that connecting with angelic powers or intelligence was a big breakthrough too.

On a spiritual exploration note, there is so much more to say.

I am right now summarizing the experiences and putting them in comprehensive form as articles.

Surf the site for more on all that.



Creating a sacred temple space, diving in consciousness, allowing residents to make deep progress and go through profound shifts in them!

That was the most successful element of all!

This means that VITAL GATE fulfilled its destiny of being a portal of activation for those who came here.

I know that some friends had their lives radically shifted forever!




Luckily I have a river access nearby that is powerful and refreshing. It’s deep forest! Mystical! Magical!

Going for these daily adventures and connecting with nature’s essence has been one of the core daily regenerating practices I had here.

I often took friends in these adventure.

Most times, just 1 hour in and by the river gives a massive and deep energy kick.



Overall, we did fantastic as a tribe.

We have been very supportive, caring and respectful to each other.

Some sensuality or sexual connections happened between residents but they were soft and true.

There were no deep unresolved conflicts and I don’t think there are any unresolved emotional charges between any of the residents who stayed here.

This is due to engaging in activations that lead to deep emotional and energetic freedom.

Rituals like mantras, music, making food together, sharing and activations were all very connective and powerful.

We reached the target of creating energetic resonance together, entering in symbiotic flow and being positive evolutionary agents for each other.

I loved it!

Thank you to all those who played!



This is where my spiritual experience steps in.

Because of years of experience in ashrams and nature and my own spiritual practices, I know that certain approaches will trigger lots of fire and energy.

Sometimes you must rest!

Sometimes you must pump it up!

I really looked at a rhythm that can be established on the long term without major effort.

Is this a set of practices we can sustain without crashing or getting stacked?

Sometimes, a simple 5 min intense practice might give you enough juice to integrate for a day.

Finding the exact right intensity in the practices that transform you but don’t go too far was one of the core tuning elements to get right.

For instance at one point, we engaged in a vital sex activation experiment.

The day after it was clear that the energy went off balance and it was too intense or not grounded enough.

So we softened it up and made a clear note for next time.

Another time, I stretched sharing for 2 hours instead of the usual 30 min.

Again, a bit too far and draining in that case.

At another point I was motivating with too much enthusiasm in the morning activations.

Again, after some feed back, I relaxed and offered more ease.

Taking a break from activations in the week end was another essential energy tuning element.

At one point we started to engage in deep emotional release. A friend neighbour nearby shared that they could hear us and that it was a bit intense for them. So we turned in down.

Modulating the energy and knowing exactly how much intensity the VITAL TRIBE and VITAL GATE can take is crucial for success with an experiment like this one.



Daily sharing as a tribe was powerful!

The sharing structure we used (5 min each, reflections, etc) was perfect and worked really well overall.



We had a handful of spontaneous social events in a whole year.

And a couple of organized events.

I focused almost exclusively on the offering of retreat like experience rather than promoting one time events.

The core offer was TANTRIKA TRAINING and you could start any time over the last 6 months.

Powerful and successful!

We had an occasional evening fire or a spontaneous gathering with some raw chocolate ice cream.

That’s not much.

I often felt the day after that this was not necessarily the deepest purpose for the place.

I felt that this place was dedicated to something that runs way deeper which is the manifestation of new codes for the planet and humankind.

It could have many more social events but my energy was really focused on sustained the activations, practices, training and creating the VITAL TANTRA system.

The few party set up collaboration attempts were not fruitful and we gave up on some event ideas a few times.

It means that the target for the place was not really about entertaining a social circle.

It was much more about deep spiritual training and transformation.

The parties and social events were happening in town and I spent most of my evenings socializing and attending other events.



Challenges were always an opportunity to grow.

In the first 6 months, I had 3 friend, some of them really close friends that became what I call my shadow trainers.

It means that consciously or unconsciously, they highlighted my weaknesses and the weaknesses of this place, pushed me, pressured me and forced me to evolve and power up.

Many of the deep changes I made were the result of these pressure moments and challenges.

This toxic or shadow influences pointed some deal breakers, behaviors that are not healthy when crossed.

Repeated disrespect, emotional abusive behaviors, emotional threat was one of them.

That was definitely a deal breaker on my end.

Another one was fundamental integrity gap with payments, wanting to be sponsored to be here or not wanting to pay the fee that had been agreed upon.

Another deal breaker was simply super toxic personality, being in the complaining and aggressive mode most of the time.

That one was negatively impacting on all residents.

Eventually all these 3 residents naturally moved out.

With each one of them moving out, I strengthened the structure, deeply shifted my attitude and personal boundaries.



This one is for me.

One of the core things that I learned during this year was to take feed back and sometimes criticism in positive and life changing ways.

Some of the things that I learned were:

  • Flexibility – When setting up guidelines, I learned how to relax with some of them – This was a massive shift that allowed to navigate the time here way more gracefully.
  • Deal breakers – Identify when too much is too much and take action to protect me, the space and the residents in the future.
  • Clarity with timing and agreements – If I say, you will get 1 hour with me every day, I must stick to it and respect it totally.
  • Being too generous – I was giving too much in the beginning and felt used multiple times – I relaxed and realized that some things I felt responsible for were actually not my responsibility.
  • Clear structure – Adding structure, sticking to the plan, being super present, being powerful, etc – These are all elements that added to the quality of the resident’s experience.
  • Relaxing! – I was too stressed up in the first 2 months – That was due to wanting to do too much and as well pressure from residents – I was training my leadership skills and how to navigate challenges – It worked really well – It took me maybe 2 months to relax and start deeply enjoying the experience.



Structure was needed!

I learned to play with it and identify exactly the core boundaries and practices that were needed to make this place fun, safe and sustainable.

Identifying what I call the VITAL GATE CODES was a deep transformative exploration.

I feel that the structure in place now is free and strong at the same time.

It is simple and it takes me 5 min to fill someone in when they move in.

Nothing heavy or too complex.



In the beginning, I was giving too much.

I was being too generous.

I was wanting everyone to have a really good time, so taking care of food, starting to ad extras, making the meals more interesting, creating raw snacks, etc.

In the beginning I was as well offering free unlimited coaching to all residents.

These extras were not always received the way I expected.

It means that not enough validation or gratitude came back to me for these efforts.

On the contrary, I often got complaints and resentment because something else was not being offered.

It made me realize that if someone signs up for a week program with 1 hour daily individual session, giving them 45 min + powerful raw food snacks + a whole lot of other extras and time in other forms¬†doesn’t work.

So stick to what people pay for, which is a coaching and tantra experience.

The extras are gifts that I can give them if I want to, but I don’t have to.

I now learned to relax with that.




The idea of flexibility and movability is essential for now in the VITAL GATE idea.

I am a nomad! I am a Saddhu.

This means that my nature is to move.

The idea is that if I need to take off to another location it takes me 24 hours to release the place, pack and go!

Really no big deal!

VITAL GATE is transferable!

It can move easily!

If a hurricane of volcanic eruption hits the island, we move to another place in no time and start over.


You can’t really do that if you spend years building and invest in 10 tons Buddha statues.

Of course, luxury and beauty are an extra but that crystallizes the energy in one location.

I wanted to be flexible with that.

1 year later, that’s still the plan.

I still didn’t identify a solid deal breaker that would force VITAL GATE to move to another location.

Most simple challenges have been handled gracefully.



Overall, this was good at 80%.

The place is not high luxury but for a tropical location it is good.

Occasional challenge with water, electricity, or gas happened here and there.

Internet was definitely an issue with maybe a 50-80% reliability.

That one created some stress.



After the first month of having the place set up with fresh mattresses, mosquito nets, some extra light bean couches, hammocks, yoga swings, etc.

It took about $2000 and a month of attention.

After that, I consciously decided to drop it and not invest more in beautifying or upgrading the space.

This is where the magic is!

Upgrades are always possible but once you upgrade a lot, that crystallizes the energy in one location.



We developed super healthy, clear and respectful connections with neighbors.

It’s extremely harmonious and every one is kind and open with us.

The old men in the rice field brings me fresh greens and papayas.

Another lady does the offerings.

Another worker at the farm brings me 10 coconuts every week.

I check with them and we are always friendly to each other.



Big victory on that one!

There was no work load for residents while here!

The only thing residents were asked to cocreate was food preparation and keeping kitchen clean when they use anything.


Cleaning lady twice a week for 2 hours.

Maintenance guy, came to fix a few things.

Oh and get food delivered rather than having to take trips to stores! Huge massive improvement!

Only got that one right after 6 months being here.

That’s it!



The structure of the place is super simple. The buildings require very little maintenance.

As a conscious choice, for the last 6 months, I decided to have the place function with no gas, so no more hot water or hot showers. It’s good for the environment! It’s tropical climate! It’s a good energy activation practice Perfect!

No cooking and only raw in kitchen as well simplifies everything.

Drinking water comes from well.



Each time I faced a success or challenge, I wrote articles about it.

I have close to 200 pages of articles and notes about the experience just for the practical, communication, and set up aspect of this experience.

The whole spiritual dimension and new practices is documented in other parts of the site.

I documented the whole experience so that others can learn from it.

My goal here was to identify patterns and ingredients that really work to create a spiritual community.

On my end I feel that the VITAL GATE CODES that were developed here are very optimized and could be the base to start communities anywhere around the world.

It is powerful, easy, sustainable and based on a simple set of easy practices and behaviors.



This was a great learning experience as well.

I stopped mowing the loans and allowed nature to follow its course.

I never fed the cat, except for some occasional coconut cream and allowed it to simply catch lizards and small rats.

Navigating mosquitoes, flies and other bugs has been interesting as well.

Right now I have 2 big bees nest in or just on the house deck. These are big dark brown bees. In a year, noone got bitten and living with them has been easy.

Geckos, big ones and small ones have been doing the bugs clean up at night.

We had a few ant invasions. I don’t like it at all but I used some bug spray a few times otherwise, we would have been totally invaded.

I tried a couple of natural solutions but would need to research that further.

I identified at  least 10 different types of ants that come for a visit. some of them in really large tribes!

Peeing in the garden always in the same location for men was really a good simple idea.

Setting up an outdoor shower was a great idea too!



The plan for this year is not clear yet.

I could release the place and take off on new adventures.

I could stay here.

I could tune in and allow a new format for VITAL GATE to emerge.

Right now, I don’t know yet what the place wants.

I am in gratitude to all forces that sponsored this experiment!

I am in service more than ever to receive guidance concerning the future of VITAL GATE.

Guide me!

I am open!

I am receptive!

I am in service!