The activations will be daily 7-noon and you can totally show up whenever you feel like it for part or the totality of the morning – If you want to get the max benefit from the experience, of course, only 1 way to go!!! That’s 5 full mornings in a row! Believe me, if you go for it, your life will never be the same again! Massive energetic breakthroughs can take place when you challenge your established limitations and expand your energy in the realms of freedom and absolute bliss!!! We are consciously invoking powerful forces of the invisible and these intelligent forces join us in these activations – All you have to do for magic to happen is to clear the space! As you create freedom and release trapped energies, spaces open up in you and you see life the way it is, allowing your chakras to explode in freedom and your energy body to expand in whirling streams of ecstatic bliss!