The tribe is expanding here at VITAL GATE! Yay! JAYA! This week (every morning 7-12 – mon-fri), come to celebrate 5 days of HIGH ENERGY DETOX! That’s the theme for the next 5 days till Friday! We start at 7am with first boosting 1 hour high energy activation – breakfast – gathering – We start again every day 9:30-Noon with high energy activations – We’ll do green detox drinks packed with ginger, turmeric, limes, mint and many more high energy ingredients packed with life boosting enzymes! Whouhoouu! Combine this with dynamic breathing techniques, mantras, tribal activation, shaking and more! If you make it 5 days in a row, you’ll be on fire by the end of the week! These are the kind of activation practices I have been diving into in my Himalayan caves at 5’000 m elevation – It will be wild and super powerful – We’ll create a safe space, with lots of freedom and cocreation of practices! Not sure if you realize this but this is the very purpose of this VITAL GATE project! It is to activate our life power together, free our energy and enter in resonance to expand in the bliss zone in ways that are safe, fun and sustainable! Even if it;s juts for an hour or one day, come! The energies of ISISA want you here! I have some powerful wild initiations to share with you + essential tools to boost and optimize all aspects of your existence! PS: don’t ask me about money for that one! Have no idea what to do with that, simply show up and contribute and participate in whatever way suits your needs! Love yah! Heyaheyaaaaaaaaahouiahaaaaaaaa! – send me a message or call me at +62 822 3664 7624 for directions and more