VITAL GATE has now been in existence for 9 months!

It has been a powerful successful experience in so many ways so far!
The last 3 1/2 months have been like an ongoing retreat!
The format has evolved to a strong structure with full program in the morning and individual sessions in the afternoons.
It has been a dedicated tribe of tantrikas training with focus, awareness and respect!
I feel that no words can summarize the depth of the experience!
The tribe has been small size so far with 2 to 7 persons as residents and sometimes morning visitors for whole morning activations, breakfast, sharing and group coaching.
The flow is activated and working!
It feels like help and energy is pouring in from within!
The power and depth of the experiences is so high!
Again, I realize that this quick description of some of what happened at VITAL GATE doesn’t come even close to appreciating this experience!
My intent here is to simply tell you that the VITAL GATE experiment is still going in at full speed!
What happened so far goes way beyond my expectations!
The experience is harmonious, sustainable, enjoyable, healthy, respectful, expansive, energizing and so much more!!!
VITAL GATE will probably be active in that form for another 2 months at least!
After that, it is an open field of possibilities!
I am listening to spirit and inner guidance!
Fully open and receptive!
What comes next?
Guide me!!!