When arriving at VITAL GATE, the first step is not to try to modify guidelines, pricing, etc to get them to fit your agenda.

The first step is to merge with what exists.

If I have to negociate all the steps of the way with each person that comes in, that’s so time consuming and draining.

Simply accept what you see as the best format for the time being and merge with it.

A lot of thought and planning went into the structure and energetic design of this place.

I have been getting extensive feed back from my friends and community for the last 6 months + I have 20 years of experience living in, caretaking, building and designing spiritual centers around the world.

I have lots of experience with that.

Simply relax and merge with what already exists.

If after a few days, you have some feed back concerning some guidelines that block the community’s flow, share them with me!

I want to hear!