This is a new community experiment that we just launched on Jan 15 2014 – This is a follow up of my last 10 years experience as a coach and tantrika activating VITAL COACHING and VITAL TANTRA – Our intention now is to get together to enter in resonance as a tribe – To develop practices, mind sets, behaviors, communication patterns, intentions that allow us to raise our vibration together in easy and sustainable ways – To do that within a safe space conductive for profound transformation – Our intention is to manifest the tools to generate unlimited energetic freedom in our lives and in our tribe – We do all that with respect for all living forms on this planet, dedicating this experiment to a planetary and human evolutionary vision that is way vaster than ourselves – Our goal is as well to develop a community model that can easily be developed in other locations – We invite all force of the invisible to join us in this dedicated celebrations of our human lives and spirit.