Today, I am diving deeper in financial agreements with those who physically own the place where I might set up this first VITAL GATE.

The last 2 weeks were a try out to experience the energetic response.

It worked really well on all levels, flowing with ease and entering already in deep levels of resonance.

This experience is vaster than what I did in the last few years because for the first time, a space might be given to me, VITAL TANTRA, VITAL COACHING and the energy of ISISA that can function as an ASHRAMA, CENTER, GATE, PORTAL or TEMPLE.

That’s like a new initiation and it will naturally flow in the right direction.

The energy body for VITAL GATE is already prepared.

This means that energetically all the ingredients are already in place for this to be a total success.

What might be needed no is a physical container for that energy so that it can ground itself in one location and start radiating out its VITAL VORTEX energy.

We are consciously activating her magic and energies to create a whirlpool of energies that positively impact and transform not just those who visit and live here but as well the planetary and human consciousness as  a whole.

This is a portal of manifestation through which fresh energies are being transmitted.

My intentions are:

  • WIN-WIN 
  • EASY
  • FUN