Whaou!!!!Whaou! Whaou! Whaou! Whaou! Whaou! Whaou! Whaou! Whaou! Whaou!

Sometimes, words are gone and all that is left is this explosive feeling of joy!

It feels that we have been now in the bliss zone for weeks here at VITAL GATE!

Love it!

Everything feels so strong, grounded and stable!

The nourishing streams of beauty activating our mornings.

It is just so precious and something clear and sharp has been completed.

Morning activations, breakfast and sharing are all so powerful now!

Vibration is high, really!

I love it!

My morning shopping is sending a text message to the farm next door asking for 10 young coconuts and 2 kilos of fresh mixed vegetables.

Opening these 2 coconuts in the morning is pure ecstatic bliss!

Our breakfast is packed with super foods and 20+ nutritious ingredients.

So much has been unfolding!

KALI JAYA invocation is sharp and clear.

Voices are so synchronized, sending this clear message to our renewal power and destroying whatever doesn’t serve us.

5 min! Sharp and clear sounding intentions!

Shaking! Fire breath! Shaktisanas!

I am close to speech less!

My words don’t even match a fraction of the bliss I feel!

It’s stable! Strong! Powerful! Refined! Light! Sustainable! Effortless! Easy!

So many of the qualities that we intentionally embodied are now totally manifested in this space.

The future is wide open!

It is an unlimited space of endless possibilities!

I love you!