I have been exposed to so much stress and pressure in very intense contexts over the last 2 weeks

All to do with human and social dynamics!



Thank you so much to all those who have been agents in activating this exploration.

Most of you are unaware of the depth of what you triggered in me.

Even probably unaware at all that our interactions have been precisely guided here at VITAL GATE in ways I can’t even fully comprehend.

The spirit coming through and guiding us in a deep shadow exploration!

You took me in this exploratory journey to check the shadow aspects of our human life.

What came so far blows my mind!

I am right now in this deep exploratory journey, playing with these forces and discovering how to tame them and master them.

That’s a huge part of our journey as human beings.


What amazes me right now is how happy and liberated I feel!

Diving into these core aspects of our human behaviors just massively expanded my awareness and emotional potential.

I feel deeply renewed with access now to a vast field of resources I didn’t even know were available.


Coming back with updates soon.