Ok guys and girls!

For me the experiment has been a full ongoing success in so many ways, creating community, energy, connections, doing that in respectful and safe ways.

I feel that the VITAL TRIBE CODES I was looking for when starting this experience have been unveiled to us.

It is working and we are having fun!

We are past half way here at VITAL GATE and I officially have the space till June 15 2014.

After that I could either let it go, partner with someone who rents it from me for 6 months until I am back early 2015 or rent it myself and stay in Bali for another 6 months till Dec 31 2014.

Please, use your instinct, intuition, insights and tell me what you see! Vote for one of these 3 options:

– Keep Vital Gate and stay in Bali for another 6 months.
– Partner with someone who takes it over for the next 6 months.
– Dissolve it, let it go .

What do you think?

Insights? Ideas? Comments?

If there is something you always wanted to share concerning the VITAL GATE experiment, now is your time.

Here are some specific questions you can answer if you have a min and need some guidance with directing your feed back

– What do you like about Vital Gate?
– What don’t you like about Vital Gate?
– What would you ad to Vital Gate?
– What would take this experience to the next level?
– Give me some Vital Truth (unfiltered) concerning my activity and what you saw me do over there so far
– Anything else?

One of the core elements is that at this stage, Vital Gate is not yet financially stable. I cover about 50% of the costs so far but I still have a big financial gap that is not yet covered. I could launch more workshops and events, lower the price for staying at Vital Gate, etc.

What’s your feeling?

Ideas and suggestions about that are welcome!

Also, if you or someone you know feels aligned with taking over Vital Gate from June 15 on, connect, I want to hear from you. I can tell you more.