Here is a summary of what I discovered that creates connection, harmony and resonance in this community experience.



This has become the core of what happens at Vital Gate. This is a one hour practice in which we focus on 5 min sequences. Everyone takes turns to suggest an energy practice. The practices navigate around breathing, shaking, power building, stretching, affirmations, mantras, awareness building, martial arts, yoga poses and more. Engaging together in this energy building approach connects us and dissolves eventual tensions when they build up.


Every day Mon-Fri we meet at 9 am. Sometimes in the week end too. Probably 80% of residents attend these meetings. We didn’t make them compulsory but highly encourage everyone to be present. There is a big difference in connection between those who attend and those who don’t.

Raw food

We took away the stove as soon as we moved in and turned the kitchen in a raw food experiment. One blender and one food processor, a few bowls, a few spoons, a big fridge and an extra cooler to keep fruit fresh. We take turns to prepare dishes usually breakfast and lunch.

Financial agreement

Financial clarity and respect of payments is essential. Fine tuning and negotiation of these agreements is key as well. We focus on win win solutions rather than one person’s individual agenda.


All residents feeling responsible for cleanliness, shopping, etc. Participating in sharing and activations.


Respecting everyone’s space, sexual integrity and peace are keys to create harmony. We respect as well confidentiality and privacy and instead of gossip we use clarity, openness and clear communication as much as possible.

Drama free

We clearly aim towards peace and harmony. Of course we process and share when needed but we don’t stay in the drama zone. We don’t reject shadows, we embrace them and find ways to release tensions and create connection and energy.


We aim at creating maximum ease. We take every possible step to simplify practicalities so that we can focus on fun and fresh energy.


We stay flexible when boundaries are crossed and allow space to adapt to new circumstances


What happens at Vital Gate evolves fast. We stay in tune with the deeper vision and allow the energy to move us forward and change our behaviors and attitudes when needed.


This is our home and we can relax in it. We drop our weapons before coming in. We don’t engage in conflicts for the sake of it. We build peace and harmony instead so that everyone can be at ease.

Substance free

No alcohol, smoke or drugs at Vital Gate. This really helps keep the energy high, clean and optimized.


We aim for pressure free and don’t get locked in rigidity. On the contrary everyone is encouraged to follow their calling and we are all present here to support these aspirations.


We have simple guidelines written down that everyone can see. These contain intentions, financial agreement, and simple rules concerning noise, daily schedule, tidiness, etc.


Doing dishes straight away and keeping the place totally clean and clutter free is a major success. It definitely dissolves stress and tensions and it’s good for the fengshui.


We keep the costs of living at Vital Gate super low so that it’s no major sacrifice to be here. We make it totally sustainable to be here without major effort. There are no tasks required to be here except for dishes, some shopping and food preparation. We recycle as much as possible, get veges and coconuts from the farm next door.

Cleaning and maintenanceย 

Having help with that works really well. We have one person taking care of cleaning and another one fixing things when they break down.

Free weekends

We drop all discipline and morning structure in the weekends. If things like sharing still spontaneously happen, we embrace them but there is no pressure or structure around them


Of course, playing with these codes is an art.

It is like playing with a recipe and adapting it.

We all come with communication, training, community and spiritual experience.

It is fascinating to realize that even with that experience, you still need some system to live together and thrive.

The codes we identified are building connection and create a deep sense of energetic resonance.

With these values and foundations firmly established we seem to be able to go deeper and deeper every day.

Did I forget anything? let me know.