I TRUST YOU – If I set up a few high expectations that certain individuals can’t totally fulfill, it is my responsibility not theirs – It simply tells me that my expectations are too high or inappropriate – In this case, reframing my expectations and intentions instantly solves this simple misadjustment.VITAL GATE IS HIGH ENERGY – Overall incredible time we had so far – High energy, high activations, incredible talented fun interesting people showing up! – Everyone has been kind, respectful, participating, grateful, present overall – I am so deeply grateful for all of that.

VITAL GATE IS A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE – Everyone is behaving in respectful, mature and sensitive ways, keeping in mind the well being of others.

SHARED KITCHEN IS PERFECT – Sharing meals and preparing them together has been one of the juiciest and most fun part of what we did so far – High energy dishes, great collaboration and participation – It has been a core connection building experience – We have one fridge and one big cooler for everyone – It’s perfect – I believe everyone enjoys it!