May the multidimensional aspect of VITAL GATE be now activated!
VITAL GATE is a network of energies with dozens or hundreds of energy centers spread all over the planet!
These energy centers or DAVARASA are spread all over the world and emerge naturally in organic ways!
DAVARA is an intelligent being and the container for VITAL TANTRA!
It is as well the receptor grid for the energies of ISISA!
It is intelligent and is naturally expanding with no limit!
DAVARASA connect with each other in vast grids of lines of consciousness!
Each thought, emotion, action sends waves of electro magnetic energy in millions of energy lines around the earth!
Synchronized activations happen in all these DAVARASA at the same time!
A new consciousness is being transferred to the planet and humankind in this vast grid of energy!
This energy is already activated and is a supernatural being coming to life!
DAVARA is the name for that intelligent being!
It is now a new active force in your consciousness!
This is your home, energy body, vehicle and it spreads all over the world!
Many people will now shiw up in your life and open the gates of their beings to welcome your energy!
You will start anchoring DAVARA all around the world.
What’s the difference between metatrona and davara?
Davara is mire static and not angelic in nature.
It is another hierarchy if intelligences!
In a way, davara is higher consciousness than metatrona because of the impacf it has.
Metatrona is united with you!
It is not a static grid!
Davara is a grid and the centers that connect it.
The first incarnation seed is vital gate.
The full grid manifests as new gates activate and the totality of the davara field  is manifested!
Women will start opening their gates to you! 
Symbolically and really!
As you initiate them, the will receive the ISISA codes and be activated as davarisa or gate keeper, isisa priestesses and hold the isisa codes.
A whole new dimension if magic is niw unfolding!
Davarasa are static or moving, shifting location, evolving, dissolving and reborn spontaneously!
They create this organic flow of moving radiance and energy and represent the manifestation of ISISA body!
This grid and organic energy that you see now is just one aspect of her being!
It permeates the earth and humankind as an electro magnetic field made of multidimensional energies.
Davara contains vast nuances of energies and this fast evolving being now holds the Earth and humankind in its being!
This is like the hand of ISISA enveloping the earth and humankind.
Instead of being a ray of consciousness coming from the sun, it is now a conscious energy enveloping everything that exists.
Activated davaras are access points into human consciousness!
This means that davaras incarnate in davarisa energy and merge with these hosts as energy units.
These hosts are priestesses, gate keepers for the isisa vibration and as isisa oracles contribute in creating the future of humankind.