Whaou! After 3 months of existence, VITAL GATE has now been in the bliss zone for months.

We are in ease!

We navigate the easily isolated small challenges that show up here and there with grace and focus.

I love it.

I wanted to offer an update on VITAL GATE intentions, core values and boundaries to bring some focus again.

The level of harmony and ease has been consistently in the 90% optimization zone.

What I will share now relates to this 10% final optimization we can still perfect.

Overall, it is fantastic and this is an attempt to do even better!

Another essential point as you read the following ideas is that I am open for discussion on them.

We can have a chat on our daily gathering or you can approach me privately to discuss or suggest any modification to these values. I am totally open for feedback and want to hear what you have to say.

Here is goes:

Your gifts aren’t something I demand from you

I don’t expect them or request them.

When they come, it is great! When they don’t, the space adapts.

Suppose that you decide to take over the breakfast and start making it consistently.

I see it as a gift for the community, not something that you are supposed to be doing from now on.

The whole gift economy idea that has been initiated long ago and is applied at Burning Man for instance is excellent!

I love it!

That’s along the line of the community building practices and values we apply.

The nature of that gift is precisely that it comes from within!

It comes from a deep intention to contribute in a way that feels right for us.

Your gifts are precious and deeply appreciated and there is no pressure put on you to deliver them.

We are talking about the extras that you bring to VITAL GATE.

It might be the help that you offer in the kitchen, with shopping, cleaning, support, maintenance or anything else.

Do it because you love doing it and want to do it, not because you feel forced to.

By the way this doesn’t apply to the guidelines and boundaries for the space.

Yes, those are simple and compulsory, like cleaning your dishes straight away or keeping the main area clutter free.

What I talk about here are the extras, the things you do on top to contribute to the community.

Your standards are yours, not mine

When it comes to food, space, etc, I tend to aim for good not perfect.

This means that I sometimes will use non organic products or frozen products instead of fresh ones.

It works for me.

If you have higher standards and want for instance to eat only organic and provide that for the community, it is up to you to deliver it if you want to.

However it is your full responsibility to take care of it.

Don’t submit me or anyone else to pressure because of this high expectations.

If you have high standards or a high expectations concerning any aspect of what goes on at VITAL GATE, make sure you can fulfill these expectations yourself.

Shopping for groceries for the community is a gift not an obligation

When I do it, I do it because I care.

I do it because I want to, not because I am forced to.

I am flexible on it.

This is everyone’s responsibility not just mine.

Unlimited generosity

Yes, it is because we are all generous that the balance is right.

It means that if someone drops their gifts and stops contributing the way they did before for instance with food preparation, it does shift the harmony, balance, financial flow, etc.

But the gifts don’t come from a place of force or demand, they come out of your generosity, kindness and inner urge to contribute.

This whole generosity idea works because everyone is on the same page with that and wants to contribute.

3.5 million/month works if there no extra pressures and demands put on me

Recently I added a discounted option to be at VITAL GATE.

I created this option to make sure that those who are really on a tight budget and contribute in community’s life with ease can live here.

For me offering that option is a risk because I open myself up and drop part of my financial needs

By doing that, I make myself more vulnerable because it pressures me financially as well.

If you are on that option or plan to be, realize that this is a win-win only if no extra pressures are put on me when I open this door to you.

Basically, I am making it easier for you to be here at VITAL GATE.

I want you to make my life easier by being here, not more complicated or limited in any way.

I want your presence to be an expansion of my energy and freedom, not a restriction or contraction.

Again, I make myself more open and vulnerable by offering you a discounted price.

For me to be able to offer that gift, harmony, love, respect, connection, ease and generosity must be stronger in those who receive that gift.

Respect my freedom.

Feel responsible for everything, not just the chunk of gifts you are offering

You can for instance:

  • Clean dishes from the dish tray
  • Clean the cooler and get rid of the extra water
  • Clean the floor in the kitchen when it gets dirty
  • Etc

Ease, stress free, pressure free

My goal is for all residents including you and I to be stress free.

Suppose that you went through a one week test drive and you are highly contributing, participating drama free, easy to live with.

If you tell me that you are financially tight  and that it would create too much stress for you to pay the full price here is what I might say:

“I am happy to give you the full resident discount (3.5 million) so that you feel less financially pressured”

This aim to create ease in you is at the core of my values.

It only works if we all apply it.

If I offer you a path into ease and as a result, extra expectations, pressure and demands are put on me, we achieve the exact opposite to what I want.

If I create ease for you, create ease for me too.

I don’t want to be subjected to pressures and demands from anyone here at VITAL GATE.

Especially if those pressures are expressed in coercive and emotionally threatening ways.

I want to be respected exactly in the same way that I respect everyone.

I am committed to facilitating a space of ease, relaxation and peace for everyone here at VITAL GATE.