This is one of the core aspects  when you activate a place!

It is first to clear up the accumulated years of undigested emotions which stay trapped in objects and the house itself.

Every object has an emotional past.

When you get attached to that object, you are attached to that emotional past.

You create an energetic link with that past.

And very often, that emotional link stops you from moving forward and embracing the present and future.

If you don’t clear these objects and activate a new story, you simply go on in circles feeding that past story of the place!

So, when you bring in new objects, new decoration, you reset the energetic memory to the present.

That’s not all you do of course, you can give it a fresh coat of paint, deep clean everything and especially do some active energy practices to rest the energetics of the place.

Singing, emotional release, mantras, creative work, music, movement, dance are all way of activating this new story and cleaning past emotions stacked in the walls.

Crystals, shamanic activation, prayers, setting up intentions are all welcome as well!

It’s essential as well to dedicate the place to a clear intention and offer it to the forces of the invisible.

In my case, I have been building an energetic relationship with very specific forces in the invisible!

This means that I am aligned with a planetary evolutionary agenda that nurtures the totality of the planet and humankind.

I am an agent of manifestation in service to something that is way vaster than myself.

I send out prayers, invocations that are aligned with that vision.

The goal is simple!



It means inviting more BLISS, JOY, LIFE FORCE, POWER, LOVE, PRESENCE, GALACTIVATION, and offering this VITAL GATE for these energies to manifest.